Lightroom 4&5 Preset Bundle

Professional photographer James Brandon spent the last few years developing 80 Lightroom presets that are included in this wide-ranging bundle designed for various photography genres and post-processing needs. They can be found here: Lightroom 4&5 Preset Bundle

lightroom presets

Example results using the new presets

All these presets are fully customizable after being applied to a photo with one click and often serve as a good starting-off point to more extensive post-processing. Keep in mind they only work in Lightroom 4 & 5, not previous versions.

Breakdown of the 80 Presets in this Bundle:

  • Travel presets – designed with travel and landscape images in mind
  • Black & White resets – to give your images a color toned, monochromatic look
  • Portrait presets – designed for families, children, brides and any other portrait style images
  • Nostalgia film collection presets – to give your images that retro, film look
  • Lifestyle presets – for those incredible family moments
  • The choice collection – a versatile favorites set

Watch how they work here:

How to Get a Copy:

The presets are easy to install and all brief instructions are included with the download. The bundle also includes a bonus eBook called 10 Tips For Improving Your Photography Today.

Found here: Lightroom 4&5 Preset Bundle

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4 responses to “Lightroom 4&5 Preset Bundle”

  1. Carlee says:

    Thanks James.. these are great!

  2. Antz says:

    Is this compatible with mac

  3. Maricha says:

    I have Photoshop CS5 can I use these presets? I love presets and these look so interesting. Thank you.

  4. Michael says:

    Trying to purchase Lightroon 4&5 Preset Bundle. Form is asking for Discount Code, where do I find this code?

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