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Welcome to PictureCorrect.com! This website is a valuable resource to photographers of all experience levels. Our goal is to serve some of the best information that is relevant to photographers everywhere.

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Richard Schneider – Founder, Editor, Business Development

about-us-richardHi everyone! I manage the day to day operations here, but there are countless contributors that make this site possible. Photography has been one of the great passions of my life and I feel very grateful to be able to oversee this site. I launched PictureCorrect in 2003 with the mission of serving photography tips and techniques to artists across the globe. Thanks so much for visiting us!

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Nicoal Price – Editor

nicoal-bioNicoal is an editor, writer, and photographer based in New England. She worked in education, social services, and public libraries before finding her place in the photography world. Her imagery ranges from nature-inspired portraits to outdoor product photography.

“If I’m not out on a walk with my camera, I might be hidden under a pile of quilts with a library book :)”

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Michael Fraiman – Writer

michael-bioMichael is a Canadian freelance journalist, photographer and travel writer. He’s eaten charred scorpion in Beijing, chased a bus from Laos to Vietnam, hiked a frozen mountain in rural Iceland, camped without a tent in the Jordanian desert and slept in more airports than he’d care to recall. His book of travel stories is A Long Way Back: Stories of Travelling Home.

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Rebecca Bennett – Writer

rebecca-bioRebecca has always been good at two things: telling stories and having adventures. She’s rooted in Austin, Texas, where she captains her business, Brave Bird Photography, and writes words for Austin.com and other kind folks. Other facts: Rebecca feels most at home in her hiking boots and would likely survive a zombie apocalypse.

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Kristina Josic – PictureSocial Administrator

kristina-bioKristina Josic is a Croatian student, photographer and poet. She’s in love with the world, exploring places, getting lost, missing flights, laughing with strangers, drinking coffee and listening to Yann Tiersen at 3 a.m. Even though always in chaos, she believes in simplicity.

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PictureCorrect has had many talented contributors that have been kind enough to share their time and energy with our visitors. Some have donated articles, others have donated photos. We are always looking for more contributors who are kind of enough to donate their time and talent to make this site possible. We would love to publish an article by you if you are interested in writing for us. See what we are looking for and get in touch.

Some support for this site comes from advertising, but a lot actually comes from visitors comparing prices and using our comparison shopping links to find stores. So we would really appreciate it if you used our equipment shopping guide when considering a purchase.

When the site was initially launched we were thrilled when we would receive a couple hundred visitors per day. Now our sites receive over 700,000 unique visitors per month and growing.

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