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Choosing the optimal presets, actions, and templates to supercharge your photography workflow is no simple task. After years of development this bundle of photo essentials has been packed with thousands of presets, actions, and templates for all types of photography. We were able to negotiate an additional 20% off this massive bundle for our readers until the end of the month, simply enter the code PICTURECORRECT at checkout where it says got a code. Found here: The Ultimate Photography Bundle

photography planet bundle

PhotographyPlanet Bundle of Products

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is a comprehensive suite of resources for Lightroom and Photoshop. You’ll get instant access to 1,000+ Lightroom presets (for Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC), 1,000+ Photoshop actions (for Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015), and 500+ actions for Photoshop Elements to apply a huge variety of different effects to your photos in no time. You’ll also receive a collection of over 1,000 photo overlays for all different purposes, 130+ print templates, 120+ digital frames, and a valuable collection of business and marketing resources (including contract templates).

Below you’ll find some highlights of what you’ll get with The Ultimate Photography Bundle. The products shown below are only some of what’s included.

Lightroom Preset Collections Included:

  • Master Workflow Collection (over 350 presets)
  • Landscape Editing Collection (40 presets)
  • HDR (30 presets)
hdr black white

HDR Lightroom Presets

  • Portrait Power (40 presets and 45 brushes)
  • Black & White (50 one-click presets and 44 stackable presets)
  • Wedding (30 one-click presets and 85 stackable presets)
  • Dragan-Inspired (58 presets)
  • Split Toning (30 presets)
  • Pastel (24 presets)
  • Haze (10 presets)
  • Cinematic (15 presets)
cinematic lightroom preset

Cinema Style 1-Click Editing Lightroom Presets

  • Lomo (20 presets)
  • Matte (43 presets)
  • Light Leak (100 presets)
  • Film-Inspired (30 presets)
  • Vintage (30 presets)
  • Color Pop (20 presets)
color pop lightroom preset

Example of one of the Color Pop Lightroom Presets for Photo Editing

  • Cross Processing (25 presets)
  • Soft Colors (20 presets)
  • Playful Vintage (17 presets)
  • Urban Depth (30 presets)
  • Golden Hour (12 presets)
  • Pinhole (12 presets)
  • Vintage Mono (20 presets)
  • Vintage Film (30 presets)
  • Fabulous Fades (20 presets)
faded preset

Faded Style Lightroom Preset

  • Tilt Shift (21 presets)

Photoshop Action Sets Included:

  • Photoshop Elements Actions Bundle (100 actions)
  • Faux HDR (25 actions)
  • Vintage (53 actions)
  • Light Leak (36 actions)
  • Cinema (10 actions)
  • Wedding (21 actions)
wedding action

Photoshop actions for quick and beautiful photo editing

  • Film-Inspired (43 actions)
  • Matte (35 actions)
  • Haze (15 actions)
  • Touch of Drama (10 actions)
  • Intensify (8 actions)
  • Lomo (25 actions)
  • Cross Processing (8 actions)
cross process action

Cross-Processing 1-Click Photoshop Actions

  • Black & White (10 actions)
  • Vintage Dream (8 actions)
  • Color Pop (10 actions)
  • Summer Haze (10 actions)
  • Soft & Light (6 actions)
  • Urban (8 actions)
  • Faded & Hazy (11 actions)
  • Golden Hour (12 actions)
  • Soft Colors (18 actions)
soft color photoshop action

Soft Color Photo Editing Actions for Photoshop Users

  • Pastel (30 actions)
  • Dragan-Inspired (17 actions)
  • Retouching (20 actions)
  • Workflow Warrior (112 actions)
  • Dreamland (12 actions)

Photo Overlays Included:

  • Senior / Graduate (58 overlays in 3 collections)
  • Engagement / Save the Date (30 overlays in 3 collections)
  • Wedding (93 overlays in 6 collections)
save the date overlay

Customizable overlays that can be quickly added to any photo and sent to clients

  • Maternity (50 overlays in 3 collections)
  • Newborn (110 overlays in 3 collections)
  • Childhood (82 overlays in 6 collections)
  • Creative Effects (168 overlays in 6 collections)

Print Templates Included:

  • 25 Graduation Announcement Card Templates
  • 30 Birth Announcement Card Templates
  • 10 Wedding Thank You Card Templates
  • 20 Christmas Card Templates
christmas card template

Holiday card templates to quickly and easily create professional holiday cards

  • 30 Save-the-Date Card Templates
  • 5 Easter Card Templates

Marketing Materials for Photographers:

  • Contract & Form Templates for running your business
  • Logo templates
photography logo templates

Customizable logo templates to create your own professional photography logo

  • 10 Mini Session Card Templates
  • 10 Photographer Logo Templates

Regardless of whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you’ll be able to save a great deal of time and get amazing results with the resources in this bundle.

Why buy presets or actions in small packs when you can get this massive bundle at an amazing price? Get it while it lasts!

How to Get the Bundle:

We were able to negotiate an additional 20% off this massive bundle for our readers which ends soon, simply enter the code PICTURECORRECT at checkout where it says got a code? After purchasing you’ll be led to a download page (and you will also be emailed the URL of the download page) where you can download all of the products along with usage and installation instructions. $5,000+ of products for just $79.

Found here: The Ultimate Photography Bundle

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