How to Install Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets work so well these days it’s easy to just use them and nothing else – amazing professional photo edits with one click. Or they often offer a good starting point to further post-processing. As part of the eBook download, included are 10 Lightroom Presets Designed for Landscape & Cityscape Photography

lightroom presets

Lightroom Presets, Photo Editing with 1 Click

This is how to install a folder of presets such as the ones mentioned above in Adobe Lightroom (versions 4, 5, or 6/CC)

Once they are installed you simply click them to apply their settings – essentially one-click photo editing.

1. Open Lightroom

2. Click on Edit at the top, then Preferences.

3. The preferences window will open, then make sure the Presets tab is clicked at the top, then click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.

installing lightroom presets

4. Double click on the Lightroom folder

5. Double click on the Develop Presets Folder

6. Copy your folder full of presets such as the 1Landscape-Cityscape-Lightroom-Presets folder into the Develop Presets Folder.

lightroom presets installation

That’s all! Now just close and restart Lightroom and you should see them within the Develop tab of the program.

7. From the Library module, select the photo you want to post-process. Then click over into the Develop Module.

using lightroom presets

Choose the photo you want to edit

8. If you installed presets included with the book you should now see them in the Develop module. Simply click any of the presets you want to apply to your photo, I usually try a few with any given photo to see what result I like best. After clicking a preset you should now see the adjustments applied to your photo.

presets in lightroom

Then click the preset to apply those settings to your photo

It’s that easy! Feel free to export and share your photo at this point or edit the adjustment sliders further if things aren’t quite to your liking.

The presets included with the book cover most situations that I get into with landscapes and cityscapes, and they are a great starting point for any photo processing. Have fun!

lightroom presets

Landscape Editing with Lightroom Presets

lightroom preset installation

Amazing Single Click Photo Edits Using Lightroom Presets

Found here: 10 Presets Included with Landscape Cityscape Tutorial eBook

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