How to Be More Productive on Photography Projects in 2015

Do you ever feel weighed down by a big photography project coming up? You have to meet the clients, find an assistant, find a location, set up the shoot, take the photographs, and then edited all the photos. It can be daunting and most of the time you feel drained even before you begin. Well here’s a helpful video that will get you thinking differently about approaching your next big project:

The advice seems simple enough, but following it through could make a world of difference, especially the part about avoiding the little “tasks” like browsing facebook and twitter. I think perhaps the most useful pieces of how to advice are breaking up your work into manageable chunks and just getting started. Before you begin, your mind is thinking about the project as a whole and how much work is ahead. But if you just pick one small part of the work to begin with and actually start working on it, it seems much more manageable.

how to be more productive

Studies suggest willpower is in a finite amount and can be exhausted

“Try and make a list at night of what you want to accomplish tomorrow. This way, you hit the ground running with your action plan and avoid trying to complete multiple activities at once.”

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