Photographer Shares Mindset Tips for Advancing a Career

Success does not come easily to everyone. Some quickly climb the ladder, while many cannot make it even after years of struggle. But when you’re struggling or even failing at something, it may not be that you’re bad at it. In fact, it could be the result of your attitude. In today’s inspirational video, photographer Evan Ranft shares his experiences when things were not working well for him as a pro photographer.

“Your life is a constant progression and growth that you have all the control over.”

When getting started with professional photography, you might focus more on others than yourself. This is a mistake. Feeling jealous of others’ success won’t lead you anywhere. As Ranft rightly points out, we should be able to see such success as a potential opportunity for ourselves. This more positive mindset will affect our work as well.

Another very important point that Ranft raises is about having an ever-learning mindset. This is very important because photography is a subject that you cannot learn everything about. Being a lifelong student will help you gradually improve yourself and avoid a stagnant approach to your passion.

And no matter how difficult times may feel, the key to success is being yourself, not losing hope and continuing to create work you like. Don’t make the mistake of only chasing trends. Put sincere effort into what you love doing. And while you’re at it, always make your mental and physical health a priority. Only when you are personally doing well will you be able to take care of work.

Be sure to watch the complete video, wherein Ranft talks about many other thoughts and problems that could be keeping you from success.

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