Creative Tango Dance Photography Tips

Hoping for something a little outside the box, when Montreal based photographer, Benjamin Von Wong, was asked to photograph a pair of tango dance partners, he took to the streets for a guerrilla style photo shoot.  To keep help keep the makeshift “studio” portable, he brought along only a few items: a neutral density filter, a softbox, an umbrella, and of course a couple of assistants to lend a helping hand. Take a look here:

For the rest of the shoot, Von Wong relied on his spontaneity and let the surrounding Montreal street dictate where the photoshoot would go. For Von Wong and the Tango dancers, this sort of unplanned shoot allowed the group to wander the streets giving the photoshoot an organic feel and opened up a plethora of photo ops, including a climbing into a giant water fountain.

Yes, a photographic guerrilla street invasion can be somewhat of a risky call to make, but also one that paid off tenfold.

“The shoot was very spontaneous and none of the locations were planned. This gave us the opportunity to explore the environment,” Von Wong explained.

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It goes to show that, oftentimes, good photographs come by taking risks and working outside of your comfort zones. So, don’t be afraid to slap on a neutral density filter and hit the streets if you’re ever feeling a little bored with taking standard studio portrait, there’s a lot out there to be discovered!

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