Breathtaking Canary Island Timelapse Photography

From glorious sunsets to breathtaking night skies, to stunning landscapes and amazing light trails, this three and a half minute timelapse by FilmSpektakel has it. Tenerife Unknown celebrates Tenerife—the largest of all the inhabited Canary Islands—and its breathtaking beauty:

The plan was to spend a few days and nights photographing some of the most beautiful tourist spots on the island. Armed with five cameras and two sleeping bags, the photographer and his assistant ended up spending several nights out in the open under one of the most amazing night skies in the whole of the world.

They visited a ghost town, wandered about abandoned buildings and hotels, and even rediscovered a forgotten village.

Tenerife timelapse
canary island time-lapse
timelapse of canary islands
Tenerife photography
Tenerife island

They shot a total of 42,187 frames. And, together, they ended up spending 240 hours post-processing these images. A total of 1.12 terrabytes of data!

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