4 Easy to Find Locations for Great Portrait Photography

Photos taken in beautiful places easily look awe-inspiring. But not everyone can afford to travel for every portrait photography session. A good photographer doesn’t have to depend on amazing locations for their photos to come out well. They have the skills to make the best of what’s available. Tajreen and Scooter Chloe show you how to shoot great portraits in any neighborhood:

1. Solid colored walls

Check around alleys, retail areas, and schoolyards in your neighborhood for solid walls. If the walls have interesting patterns and textures, that can be an added bonus. For a better result, make sure that your subject’s outfit complements the color of the wall.

portrait location solid color wall

2. Bushes and foliage

Place your subject in front of greenery.

bush and foliage as portrait background

“Green and orange are complementary colors, and orange is the base color of most skin tones. So putting your subject against a green backdrop is almost always a good idea.”

3. High spots

Look out for rooftops, hilltops, or anywhere with the sky visible in the backdrop. By shooting from a low angle with a wide open lens, you can get an image free from distractions.

portrait with subject at high location

4. Corners

Use corners as leading lines to direct attention to your subject. You can use the outer corners of a building, the inner corners where walls meet, or simply any place where two lines intersect.

portrait with subject placed at a corner

I hope these convenient tips are able to change your mind regarding locations for portrait photography. Any neighborhood can be a great place for a portrait shoot if you know what to look for!

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