Video Features on the Canon 5D Mark III

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Canon 5D Mark III going around the photography world lately and it’s no wonder why. Canon upped the ante on the latest 5D, packing it with new functions and time saving features, making it a photographers dream. Some of the camera’s more powerful upgrades will also greatly reduce the workload of filmmakers. Photographer Richard Walch shows us how as he takes us on a behind the scenes shoot where a pair of 5D Mark IIIs were used to create a short film spot for Canon. Take a look here:

Now, before we take a look at the finished product from the behind the scenes tour, let’s recap some of the new features that the Mark III boasts:

  • First, let’s talk about the 22.3 megapixel full frame sensor. Not only does it give superior resolution, but also allows for true focal lengths and a super shallow depth of field.
  • You can now slow the frame rate to 50 or 60 seconds while shooting in 720p. This means less time in post as all slow motion shots can now be done in camera.
  • Another time saving feature comes with the new SMPTE timecode function. It allows for easy syncing of multiple cameras, which anyone filmmaker will agree, can be a huge time saver
  • The Canon 5D Mark III ISO rating was also boosted through the roof to an outstanding 26,500.
  • The camera allows for nearly 30 minutes (29 minutes 59 seconds to be exact) of continuous filming.
  • Two new compression modes were added. The interframe ALL-I format improves the editing process  and IPB was added for maximum storage efficiency.

Now, as promised, here a clip of the finished product, Radball, which was filmed on a Canon 5D Mark III:

Note – I recently tried to order a 5D Mark III from Amazon and their estimated delivery date wasn’t in June (they are very bogged down with pre-orders). B&H has them in stock now, see below.

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