Photo Editing: 3 Common Mistakes

Learning how to perfect your photo edits is not something that happens overnight. However, getting past some of the most common hurdles that beginners struggle with is a lot easier than you may think.

Photographer Sawyer Hartman hasn’t always boasted the world’s most impressive edits, but he has noticed some of the most frequent editing flaws new photographers face. Tune in to hear where exactly we can all tone down, rethink, or retweak for better images. If you’re an Adobe Lightroom user, you may even learn a few new tricks to bring the best out in your shots

Of course, even after you learn where you could be making changes, getting the hang of editing takes time. Hartman offers a few encouraging words to help viewers struggling to find their artistic voice:

Editing has a huge learning curve. Be prepared for the struggle and prepare to even fail while editing some of these photos in your journey to mastering this craft. But, through these wins and failures, you will develop and realize your own personal style – and as soon as you do that, it will be a beautiful day.

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