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You have probably taken hundreds of photos of your dog or your friend’s dog… but how many of them are good enough to print? This new in-depth eBook walks you through everything that’s worth knowing about photographing dogs. Preparations, dog handling, camera settings, experimenting with different styles, poses and more. It is currently 80% off today for the first 500 customers if you want to check it out. Launch sale found here: Perfect Pawtraits at 80% Off

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New: Perfect Pawtraits (see what’s inside)

You don’t need expensive equipment to capture great photos of your dog. A great photo is:

  • 50% dog handling
  • 30% composition
  • 20% natural light and settings

You need to understand your dog’s unique personality, as well as its mood and body language.

This makes posing and composition easy and allows you to focus on the light and camera settings.

The author, Tamara Kedves, has won numerous international awards and contests for her dog photos. And she shoots for a wide range of clients.

Her experience as a dog trainer makes her the perfect person to teach dog photography. And the photos speak for themselves.

Now, she’s sharing her know-how in an eBook that shares how to capture adorable photos of dogs.

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Dog & Puppy Portrait Guide

Step 1. Dog Handling and Body Language

To take great photos of dogs, you have to understand them first.

And there are some universal signs that make all dogs easy to read.

This means you can decide on how to proceed with a shoot and always prioritise their safety and comfort.

You can achieve great results… if you have a few tricks (and treats) up in your sleeve!

Step 2. Basic Gear and How to Use It

It’s not your camera that matters, it’s how you use it.

Even a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone can offer great results if used well.

If you’re shooting with your phone, there’s tons of useful information in this ebook. But even more so if you’re shooting with a bigger camera, as you can push the camera to further limits.

Tamara shares lots of camera settings throughout the book.

action dog portrait

How to photograph action dog portraits.

Step 3. Shooting Outdoors

Perfect Pawtraits focuses on outdoor photoshoots. In the garden, park, forest, by the lake…

The biggest benefit of shooting outdoors is the natural light, natural scenes, and natural fun our dogs have during a shoot.

If you want to learn about studio dog photography, then “Perfect Pawtraits” isn’t for you.

But if you’re interested in capturing beautiful photos outdoors, you’ll love Tamara’s approach.

Step 4. Composition and Posing

Posing our pets is easier said than done. If you have an excitable puppy, they’re unlikely to stay in one place for long.

That’s why it’s essential to learn basic dog handling, as well as composition and posing.

The composition will allow you to set up stunning scenes (using our guides).

And the posing will provide you with the tips you need to position your dog in adorable scenes.

Step 5. 30 Case Studies

On top of the ebook, Tamara also wrote 30 case studies detailing her methods behind each of her best photos.


Dog & Puppy Portrait Case Studies and Cheat Sheets

These are her most adorable poses, with camera settings, and details on handling and editing too.

How to Get Perfect Pawtraits for a Discount Today:

Perfect Pawtraits is currently 80% off for the launch sale for the first 500 customers (normally $99, currently $19). They have also thrown in bonus cheat sheets, a camera setting guide, and Lightroom editing tutorials. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Launch sale ending soon: Perfect Pawtraits at 80% Off

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