How to Shoot Portraits Mixing Natural & Artificial Light

In a perfect world, photographers would find ideal available light at every portrait shoot. In reality, there are situations when the time of day, weather conditions, or poorly-lit locations call for additional light. That’s where this eBook on adding flash to daylight, comes in. There are many reasons to add flash to natural light. Found here: Location Flash Portrait Photography eBook


Location Flash eBook (Click to Learn More)

Flash assists with creating a specific look or style, gives photographers flexibility in changing weather conditions, and fills in unwanted shadows. Flash also allows for freezing motion and creating other artistic motion effects.

Whether you want to learn how to shoot memorable natural-light portraits with the help of small flash instruments and the minimum essentials or by using additional gear or more powerful studio strobes, this eBook was designed to guide you through simple and easy-to-employ techniques and strategies that you can quickly integrate into your daylight production workflow. It features plenty of photos and illustrations to underscore its text.

Some of the Topics Covered Include (93 pages):

  • Why Use Flash in Daylight?
  • Gear: What You’ll Need
  • Aperture and Shutter
  • Camera Settings
  • Portrait Lighting Styles
  • Location Flash Lighting Strategies
  • Gear You Need, What You Don’t Need, and When to Employ Flash When Shooting in Daylight
  • The Four Most Common Reasons for Adding Flash to Natural Light
  • Using Flash to Create Six Classic Portrait Styles
  • The Important Relationship Between Aperture and Shutter When Adding Flash to Daylight Portraiture
  • Manipulating Depth of Field to Improve Your Location Flash Portraits
  • Using White Balance Settings to Create Consistency of Color Quality.
  • Dragging the Shutter and Using Flash with Second Curtain Sync to Produce Dynamic Motion Images
  • Adding Flash to Your Daylight Production Workflow to Make it More Efficient

Pages from Location Flash (Click to See More)

Covering a wide range of topics–from gear to camera settings to improving upon the existing light to artistic interpretation–this eBook aims to enhance and refine your location flash lighting strategies in a simple format that’s quick to put into practice.

Location Flash was written to help you up your portrait-shooting game, guiding you on the road to consistently capturing awesome portraits, whether you shoot weddings, events, babies, kids, families, entertainers, models, or business professionals.

How to Get a Copy:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers (works great as a mobile reference out in the field).

Found here: Location Flash – How to Shoot Portraits Combining Natural & Artificial Light

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