Making Light 2: Advanced Use of Off-Camera Flash Review

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Making Light 2 eBook

Making Light II – Advanced Use of Off-Camera Flash by Piet Van den Eynde was released today and is an in-depth instructional eBook on the topic of advanced flash photography. I definitely recommend this book as I found it to be very well put together with extremely valuable information.

Building on the previous book, this new book covers some more advanced techniques and introduces you to some extra modifiers. Discussed using multiple flashes in a setup, either bundling them for power or setting them up in different places for added effect.

Still working mainly with Speedlights, Speedlites, or other brand hotshoe flashes (just more of them), but we’ll also touch upon some alternative portable flash systems. The focus will be on location lighting and portraiture, because after all, that’s where these little wonders… shine.

The ten case studies included in the book walk the readers through some very complicated photo situations where external flashes can dramatically enhance the end result. Some of these techniques I didn’t even realize were possible such as mixing flash with HDR and creating a sunset in the background with flashes during the day.

But it’s the final part that may very well be the most interesting. In the last chapter, the book looks into the minds, portfolios, and camera bags of four Belgian photographers, some of which are known worldwide for their work with off-camera flash.

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Pages from Making Light 2 eBook

Topics Covered (77 Pages):

  • Introduction
  • Going Beyond Sync Speed
  • Working with Multiple Flashes
  • Advanced Triggering Systems
  • More Modifiers
  • Thinking Outside the Softbox
  • More Useful Stuff
  • Outgrowing Your Small Flashes
  • Ten Case Studies
  • Four Interviews
  • Conclusion
flash photography ebook

Image from one of the case studies in Making Light II

Piet Van den Eynde says, “I hope this eBook will inspire you not only on a technical but also on a creative level. I sure know writing it and interviewing my colleagues inspired me. It inspired me to do more personal work. To try out new techniques and experiment. But most of all, it taught me all over again that, flash or no flash, the magic doesn’t happen if you don’t press the shutter.”

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