4 Tips for Posing the Groom in Wedding Photos

When it comes to his wedding, posing can sometimes be a challenge for the groom. Posing doesn’t come naturally to most men, and this can be a difficult thing to tackle for a wedding photographer. To help you in such tricky situations, wedding photographer Vanessa Joy with Adorama shares four secrets to making a groom look good in photos:

1. Accentuate the Jawline

“A man holds his masculinity in his jawline.”

Joy suggests that the jawline be accentuated by asking the groom to stick his chin out toward the camera.

groom with accentuated jawline

2. Shoot from a Lower Angle

You can photograph a groom from a lower angle to make him look more masculine, but make sure that the light is coming from above and that you do not light the bottom of the neck; this will make him look heavy.

groom photographed from low angle

3. Tilt the Head Toward the Low Shoulder

Let the groom pose by tilting his head in a way that lets his head or hair hang low to get a more masculine look. This is to say that the head is tilted toward the lower shoulder. As a side tip, Joy shares that the brides can carry masculine poses equally well, too.

groom posing tips

4. Think GQ

Go through magazines and advertisements for male products, such as watches and cologne, and learn from them. Having the groom hold on to his lapel, having him button up, or showing off the watch can be some great poses for grooms.

how to pose a groom wedding photography

And there you have it folks, four simple yet very effective tips for you to take better photos of the grooms in your next wedding photography project. Make sure you try these poses out to get some better results.

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  1. nandakumar says:

    the key to the report is natural and spontaneous is that the couple fully trust the photographer and not feel intimidated by the camera.

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