4 Tips for Getting Better Pictures of Your Kids

This mom blew the world away with gorgeous photos of her kids, and now she shares some tips with us for photographing children. Elena Shumilova has over 60 million views on her photos, and SmugMug recently visited her in her home in Russia to see her process first hand:

So just how does she do it? Shumilova gives us 4 tips on photographing children.

1. Photograph Them Every Day

This is the first, and most important rule for photographing children. When you witness a beautiful, candid moment and reach for your camera, a lot of times a child will react by posing for the photo and the moment is gone. However, if they get photographed every day, then a camera doesn’t illicit the same response. They will be more comfortable with its presence and carry on.

kids in neutral colored clothing for portraits

 2. Clothing Shouldn’t Be Distracting

In this day and age, it can be hard to avoid bright colors but finding something simple will keep the focus of the photo on the kid rather than their clothing.

simple clothing for kids photography

3. Photograph Them When It’s A Good Time For Them

Kids’ energy levels are constantly in flux, and predicting them can be almost impossible. Rather than scheduling time to photograph them and forcing them to do what you want, make sure you’re ready to grab your camera when the moment is right for them.

child photography

4. Relax. Have fun!

If you’re making photography into a chore or you’re feeling stressed, the child can take this on and it will reflect in their behavior and your photos. Make photography fun for them so they’re willing and excited to participate.

family at computer

Shumilova says,

“Bring your camera, and when the right moment comes, you’ll be ready.”

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