Timelapse Photography Music Video in the French Countryside

Continuing on with our love of new timelapse projects, we bring you Christophe Thockler’s music video for “Un Jour Comme un Autre” by French trip-hop artist Degiheugi for his album “Dancing Chords and Fireflies”. Through over 35,000 photographs arranged in 120 timelapses, Thockler tells Degiheugi’s story of the world in one day, in one four-minute film:

 Beginning in the still quiet of night scenes in the city, among streaking cars and flicking lights, the intro plays us in. As dawn breaks open, so does the song itself, as we’re taken out – past the industrial areas, past the suburbs—along highways and country roads, in musical time lapse of rural scenes and settings. The great sweeping skies blow over vast fields, forests, rivers, ruins, and all the glory of rural France, watching over the unalterable movement of time. In 160 hours (almost seven solid days) of shooting, Thockler brings us his expression of Degiheugi’s musical vision: “A Day Like Any Other” (the translation of the song’s title).

time lapse photogaphy

The outstanding achievement in this work, I think, is in the editing. The story is pieced together with such rhythm and style that its visual story is driven by the beat, by the ethereal vocals and rich instrumentation that it mirrors. With gorgeous pastoral themes and tones, the song and the video work together to form a single product: a multimedia celebration of nature and time, with a sense of calmness, reverence, and joy for it all.

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