Street Photography: Using Storytelling and Humor

People generally think that street photography is about capturing others’ stories, hardships and serious moments. But that is not the case at all. Street photos can be joyful, fun-filled, ironic and humourous. It’s just a matter of how you perceive the world around you. On this note, today’s video comes from photographer Sean Tucker with Josh Edgoose, whose humorous street photos capture the brighter and lighter side of life. Edgoose shares some useful tips on how you can approach street photography with a new perspective:

When we concentrate too much on getting a serious story, we miss the fun side of life. Edgoose rightly suggests that you should be open to observing the colorful side of light and keep an eye out for some lighthearted candid scenes. Images with humor and moments showing people living their life to the fullest give positive vibes and make the viewers enjoy the image. And as you can see in the examples that Tucker shares in the video, Edgoose brilliantly makes use of juxtaposition to add a sense of fun to his images.

“Edgoose’s images are often humorous focusing on the lighter side of life and our goofiness as human beings being in society together.”

In today’s world, everyone is a photographer. So, how do you make your images stand out from the rest? For Edgoose, the answer is simple. Take images that hold the viewers’ attention. Make them wonder why the people in the photos are laughing or what is it that they are looking at. Learn to be patient and wait for the right moment to press the shutter. Sometimes, nothing may show up and that’s okay. Street photography is like gambling: you may or may not get your shot every time.

To produce images that convey a positive message, it is equally important that you yourself feel the same way. Don’t pressure yourself into thinking you must take good photos every time you’re outside. Even if you’re not getting the shots, enjoy the stroll. Build momentum and enjoy what comes across.

For more inspiration on taking fun-filled and vibrant street photographs, be sure to watch the complete video. We’re sure you’ll love what Edgoose has to share.

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