Step-by-Step Flower Photography Guide for Spring

Have you ever wondered how amazing flower photographs are created? I wondered as well… And then, I found this amazing, and gifted, flower photographer- who not only knows HOW to create dynamic flower photography- she also knows how to TEACH those tricks and techniques to other photographers in an in-depth eBook! It is currently 68% off today with all the flowers starting to bloom if you want to check it out. Deal found here: Photographing Fabulous Flowers at 68% Off

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New: In-Depth Flower Photography Guide (Take a Peek Inside)

This 156 page practical guide is packed with Assignments, Key Lessons, and Self-Check Quizzes! (15 assignments, 26 key lessons, & 70 self-check questions!)

How does it work? this guide follows a unique step-by-step learning approach:

  1. Start with the precise gear you need, what camera settings to use and how to know when to deviate from these settings due to environmental conditions.
  2. Then move on to how to work with natural light including: altering the light, sculpting a flower with light, bending the light, and a lot more lighting technique. Plus Working with artificial light. Yes, this is a necessity at times.
  3. The next step is Flower composition- your key to winning awards & recognition. How to visualize, and then execute, a professional level flower image. Plus using props and other Pro Tricks that will ensure that your flower photography rises above all of the competition.
  4. And finally, how to edit (post-process) your shots to give them maximum impact, plus how to correctly print them!
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Advanced Flower Photography Techniques

Some More of the Many Topics Covered:

  • Learn where to find the best flowers to photograph, and also how to select the best examples.
  • Discover how to think of your shot as art, and not simply a “flower picture”.
  • Find out Pro techniques on how to keep a flower steady (even in a breeze) so that your image is SHARP.
  • Acquire the knowledge on how to ‘balance’ foreground and background lighting, so that you don’t have blown out highlights or icky dense black shadows.
  • Editing Steps- that will take your precious flower photograph to that ‘special place’ that viewers love.
  • Find out what lenses work best and more importantly- why.
  • How to properly support the camera when you’re low to the ground or shooting at awkward angles.
  • Is camera sensor size important for flower photography? Learn the facts!
  • Tripod tips- the tripod is important to flower photography. Not using it correctly can kill your best efforts-
  • Working with Flash and Reflectors. (Yes, you need to tackle this, and learn to master it. Leanne shows you how.)
  • How to create an interesting background out of just about any object lying around your house. (You’ll be amazed at what Leanne teaches you on this subject. I was!)
  • The importance of bokeh and how to control it. Bokeh can be wonderful. It can also ruin your picture.
  • Why you want clothesline clips in your camera bag.
  • The distinct advantages of a right-angle viewfinder, or an articulating screen, and where to get one.
  • What camera shooting mode, and metering mode, will work best for your flower photography-
  • Deep depth of field or shallow depth of field: when and why? Get the facts!
  • Working with aperture and focal length… (Flower photography is a world of ever evolving environmental conditions. You need to know how to be flexible.)
  • Plane of Focus – why it’s important. (You want sharp pictures. Right? You need to know this!)
  • Is shutter speed a factor in flower photography? It’s not moving. Or, is it?
  • Why auto-focus may not always be the best option.
  • How to find the most pleasing natural light.
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Pages from the Photographing Fabulous Flowers Guide (See More Within)

  • Flowers & Histograms- SUPER IMPORTANT
  • Working with the time of day and making solid informed decisions on a location for your flower shoot.
  • How to use alternative light sources.
  • Creating drama through your composition! (Think… Award Winning Shot!)
  • When to use an electronic flash, and how to work with that momentary type of lighting.
  • Post-processing and Printing: getting your images out there into the world
  • And much more!

With this guide, you’re getting a complete system for producing beautiful flower photographs. And, it’s at a fraction of the cost of an in-person workshop. Plus you can re-read the material anytime you want, whenever you need a quick refresh.

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today (With a Bonus):

This is one of the best months for flower photography, and this in-depth guide is 68% off today if you want to check it out (just $19, total value $60). Right now it also includes a printable flower photography checklist and flower water drop tutorial. All of it also carries an amazing 365 day happiness guarantee so there is no risk in trying it.

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