Sh*t Photographers Say (And the Shtuff Clients Say Back)

In the last month there has been a number of variations on the viral video “The sh*t people say.” As photographers, especially in the digital age, we have our own repertoire of such sayings and it was inevitable that there would a be photographic version before long. In fact, two have gone viral this week, the first is “Sh*t Photographers Say (Official)” shown here:

This second video I find even funnier and I worryingly suspect nearly all of us have said several lines from this clip at one stage or another. Among the classics are,

“You really like Ansell Adams?”  “Would you consider this overcast or cloudy? “ and the ubiquitous “Have you seen my new Facebook photography page?”

It is entitled “Shtuff People Say To Photographers” shown here:

It’s a wry look at the typical comments many professional photographers have to deal with in their daily working life. Particularly funny are the many attempts at pronouncing Bokeh and comments such as,

“I wish I had that camera, then I wouldn’t have to hire you” “Can you take your logo off the Facebook picture because I am trying to print” and the classic “I get all the copyrights, right?”

Both videos are lighthearted parodies of real life photography, so next time you hear someone telling you “I need to start a Flickr” remember, its not only you. How many of you have said or heard one of these things? Please let us know on the  PictureCorrect Facebook Page or Google+.

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