Interesting Photo Of The Day: Winter Bliss

Winter isn’t most people’s favorite season. It’s cold, icy, grey, and daylight hours are limited. However, Alan Howe might convince a few fair weather photographers that risking the frigid temperatures could pay off big. The image you see below was shot by Howe during his time hiking in Oregon:

Winter Bliss by Alan Howe

“A ton of fresh snow made trees look like marshmallows and a tranquil calmness in the air let the amazing light do all of the talking. It was a lot of work to get this shot but the memories I’m reminded of when I view the photo take me back to this wonderful time on the mountain as if it were yesterday.” -Alan Howe

With Mt. Hood occupying the background, Mirror Lake taking center stage, and the trees, covered in fresh, powdery snow, taking charge of the foreground, the image is balanced and interesting. Howe creates a depth that many landscape images fail to capture. The gorgeous colors in the photo are the icing on the top.

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