3 Tips to Improve Your Photography Business Income

No matter what business you run, the prime motive is always to land a fat profit figure. And every type of business has its own set of strategies to achieve that motive. If you run a photography based business, then you too must constantly think of ways to improve the profit figures. In today’s video, professional food photographer Joanie Simon talks about three ideas that will help you have a more profitable year ahead:

The profit equation is simple. It’s simply the difference between your income and your expenditure. While income is something that you can’t have direct control over, you can take measures to reduce the unnecessary expenses that you might be incurring. Today, most of the expenses come in the form of subscription fees or app purchases. Make an effort to meticulously evaluate what you really need and what you don’t. You’ll be surprised to see how much you can save.

The second way you can earn more money as a photographer is by offering video services. People’s media consumption behavior has changed quite a lot. This is evident by the many video related platforms that are coming up. Videos have become a more effective marketing tool as well and are thus in high demand. So, why not go the extra mile to provide video related services through your business as well?

And finally, the most important tip Simon shares is to start pitching your services to people who can hire you. You might end up getting disappointed if you just wait for people to find you via your social media or website. It’s a good idea to be proactive and talk to potential clients. It might feel awkward at first but that’s how you’ll be able to market yourself better.

Be sure to try out these tips and see how they affect your photography business. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments.

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