Interesting Photo of the Day: Stray Cat in Strasbourg

It’s so hyper-realistic, it looks ripped from a comic book: a stray cat treads the cobblestone road of Strasbourg, France, sieged by a bright moon, dark clouds and picturesque olden European homes. If the image looks too good to be true, that’s because it is; it’s a composite image, the trademark style of Moldovan photographic artist Igor Zenin:


Igor Zenin’s works are often cartoonish but very nicely composed. (Via Imgur. Click for larger image.)

Zenin manipulates art and photography in extremely innovative ways to produce astonishing works of magical realism. Strict realism is never his goal. In fact, he seems to aim to produce a sense of impossibility, even on a technical level, with imperfect shadows and off-kilter perspectives. His other works invoke silhouettes of dancing women transforming into trees, a Mary Poppins type walking quietly into a sunset of radiant purple, and an old-timey train chugging across the sky, spewing smoke that blends into the clouds below.

Though Zenin relies heavily on Photoshop for creative content, his eye for classical composition is what makes his images really sing.

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