Interesting Photo of the Day: Split Train Station

Sometimes luck plays an important role in photography. Some days you really struggle to make good photos. And every now and then, opportunities present themselves to you in the most unexpected ways. For instance, Reddit user Extradutyinline was at Malmo Central Station trying to get a symmetrical shot of the Central station when a red locomotive rolled in. And as you can see below, the result is more than beautiful:

split train station

“Split Train Station” by Extradutyinline (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The most interesting aspect of this image is how it gives an impression of being a composite of two images. The natural contrast, along with the perfect alignment of the platform edge, the side of the train, and the roof is what gives this feeling. If you further try and interpret the illusion, you can see how the left side appears to be a representation of  “old and dark” while the right side is that of “bright and new”.

And here’s how the photographer got lucky with this shot – the train just happened to arrive at the station while the photographer was composing a frame. Nothing more than that. In fact, he had no intention of including the train in the shot.

“I just wanted to get a symmetrical shot at the center of the center station. The train just happened to roll in.”

Have you ever been so lucky when taking photos?

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