Interesting Photo of the Day: Rooftop Symmetry in Poland

Symmetry and patterns—they are two of the most talked-about elements of composition in photography. When used the right way, symmetry and patterns have the potential to make your images quite engaging. When photographer Karl Nielsen was roaming around Gdańsk in Poland, he came across an interesting roof and snapped the following image. The image beautifully incorporates the aforementioned composition techniques, and the result is just brilliant:

rooftop poland

Photo by Karl Nielsen from Poland

At first, the arrangement of the windows may seem erratic, but when you observe closely, you can see the pattern it follows. The pattern of the tiles and the symmetry of the windows work beautifully for the image. The strong geometrical shapes and the patterns make the image so appealing to look at. Meanwhile, the dark rich color of the tiles adds to the texture in a fantastic manner.

This image is indeed a beautiful example of a simple yet effective compositional technique. Hats off to the photographer for this brilliant image!

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3 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Rooftop Symmetry in Poland”

  1. karl says:

    This photograph doesn’t belong to the photographer mentioned. It is my copyright photograph , that has been stolen and manipulated. By the person mentioned in your article. I am happy you like it, but please either credit my photo with the correct name or remove it.
    Kind regards
    Karl Neilson

    • Hi Karl, I’m sorry to hear that! We’d be happy to switch it out and correctly credit you. Can you respond with a link to where you publicly posted the image? I didn’t see it on your Instagram or website.

      • Augie says:

        Dear Michael,

        As you might have (or should have) noticed, the man who says that the picture did not belong to the owner, has provided a different shot. The photograph that he has provided, when compared to mine, is of far inferior quality. He is taking down my shot without any right to do so whatsoever. I can provide the original shot if needed so you can freely use it again. By the way, thank you for featuring my shot here, it is quite an honour.

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