Interesting Photo of the Day: Paragliding in the French Alps

When we talk about composition, we usually talk about what, where and how to include different elements in our scenes. One very important concept that we should not forget in the process is how colors are also an important element of composition. The use of colors in your image can either make or break the scene. Take the following image taken by photographer Geoffrey Capron. While his choice of subjects is interesting, it’s the colors that make it stand out:

paragliding in the French Alps

“Paragliding in the French Alps” by Geoffrey Capron (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Capron took this image in the French Alps, on the Salève mountain, on the border with Geneva, Switzerland. There’s no doubt that the paragliders are an important part of the composition. But when you look at the overall frame, it’s the colors that speak volumes. They’re so vibrant.

And when we say colors, it’s not just the vibrant colors dominating the sky. The sunlit parachutes with their popping rainbows are yet another eye-catching element that the photographer has captured beautifully.

Do you consider color as a part of your photography composition? Let us know in the comments.

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