Interesting Photo of the Day: Night Sky Over Mont Blanc

Swiss photographer Luan Baruti has always had a special connection to the land. And for good reason—based in the sleepy village of Leukerbad nestled in the Swiss Alps, it’s hard not to be enamored by your surroundings. Needless to say, today’s stunning image stems from Baruti’s unbridled passion for fantastic landscapes:

Luan Baruti photography

“Milky Way above Mont Blanc” by Luan Baruti. (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The sharpness and detail of the shot, taken with a Nikon D610 and a Sigma 35mm lens, make it hard to believe that the photographer was able to capture it all in a single frame. By cranking up the ISO to 2500 and opening the aperture to f/2.0, Baruti was allowed to let in the light with a 15 second exposure featuring Mont Blanc.

Translated to “White Mountain”, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, towering at 15,664 feet. At the foot of the mountain lies the French resort of Chamonix, which gives off enough light pollution to illuminate the peak from below. The beauty of the land almost outshines the stunning colors and lights of the sky above, making for a view that’s difficult to peel your eyes away from.

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