Interesting Photo of the Day: Looking Up from Down Under

“The best photos happen accidentally,” states Australian landscape photographer Anton Gorlin. While this statement may have some truth to it, it’s hard to deny that the creative eye and technical finesse of the artist played a significant part in materializing today’s featured image:

Anton Gorlin Milky Way landscape

“Knocking on the Heaven’s Door” by Anton Gorlin (Via Click image to see full size.)

Though Gorlin’s title is pretty self explanatory, it doesn’t make this nightscape any less wondrous. Captured over two 20-second exposures using a Nikon D750 equipped with a Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8, he claims to have come across this particular scene by happenstance en route to another location. As he looked over, he couldn’t help but notice the perfect alignment between the tree branches and the Milky Way above, resulting in this shot.

The surreal looking light hitting the tree itself actually stems from an ordinary streetlight just outside of the frame. Against the purples and pinks of the night sky, it’s stark and undeniably beautiful. Luckily for Gorlin, the small beachside suburb of Clovelly, Australia (where this scene is located) lacks the light pollution of neighboring Sydney, making it possible to capture a detailed view of the night sky.

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