Interesting Photo of the Day: Lenticular Cloud Over Mt. Rainier

In the spring and summer months, the land surrounding Tipsoo Lake in Washington state comes alive with the colors of wildflowers and huckleberry shrubs. Nevertheless, it retains much of its pristine beauty when the winter months come and blanket the world in a layer of snow. Photographer Cody Wilson managed to capture this stunning moment of the area just as the sun dipped below the horizon:

Lake Tipsoo landscape

Outline of Mt. Rainier at Tipsoo Lake by Cody Wilson. (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Wilson and his companions only had a few minutes to set up their gear (a Nikon D800 with a NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8 lens) and capture the landscape. But, by pure fortune, the few minutes they spent overlooking the lake proved to be the most picturesque of the entire day.

Seen within the still, clear water, framed by the silhouettes of pine is Mt. Rainier. One of the gems of the Pacific Northwest, it boasts the highest peak of the Cascade Mountain range. Though the cold has long since wilted the flora, the sky ablaze with color suggests anything but a dull, lifeless tundra.

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