Interesting Photo of the Day: Deer Through the Trees

Every spring, without fail, millions of blooming bluebells work their magic to form a violet-blue carpet on the forest floor of the Belgian Hallerbos forest. The entire area looks like a fairy tale—a bucket-list destination for nature enthusiasts. And as if the sight alone is not magical enough, you can also chance upon roe deer in the area, adding to the magical experience. Photographer Aliaume Chapelle was lucky enough to witness just that, and the image which he was able to capture is simply ethereal:

“A Roe Deer in the Belgian Hallerbros” by Aliaume Chapelle (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Chapelle took this image with a Sony 200-600mm lens at 600mm. Thanks to the long focal length, the compression and shallow depth really add to the scene. Also, since he photographed the deer from between the trees, it has been framed beautifully by their trunks. This further draws the eyes right towards the deer. The blurry bluebells in the foreground also do a brilliant job of adding to the mystical vibe while guiding us to the center of the frame.

Besides the flowers, forest and deer, the lighting is another magical aspect. The warm look it adds to the background is quite comforting. And the backlit leaves are like cherries on top. It gives such a dreamy look to the image.

After looking at this picture, one could easily mistake to be some high-fantasy novel art. It even seems like Cinderella is not very far from here. What do you think?

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