Kitten Photography Tips

Some people feel the same way about their pets as they do about their kids. When the kids are gone the focus turns to pets, and if you have a brand-new kitten, the photo opportunities are practically endless. As an amateur photographer, you may take lots of pictures of your new pet, but unless you learn to take better kitten pictures, you will probably wear out your welcome at family gatherings.

kitten photo tips

“terrible beast” captured by Elena Borodynkina (Click Image to See More From Elena Borodynkina)

Here are a few tips to help you take better kitten pictures.

1. Increase your shutter speed

Kitties move at the speed of light. Unless you bump up your camera’s shutter speed, you’ll end up with more blurs than keepers. One way to increase shutter speed is to increase the amount of light in the shot. This could happen by moving the subject—your kitten—to a better and brighter location.

It could also mean increasing your ISO setting to a higher number. Moving the ISO higher and keeping the aperture the same will increase shutter speed. Try to avoid using the flash; it usually causes artificial looking colors.

kitten photography

“Hunter” captured by Linaka Greensword (Click Image to See More From Linaka Greensword)

2. Change your angle

Snapshots of pets are usually quite boring simply because they all look the same. The photographer is standing or squatting above the pet. If you get down on the same level as your kitten, you will immensely increase the interest of your shot. This may mean having your camera right down on the floor, but if you try it, you’ll be happy you did.

3. Keep a few of their favorite treats handy

Everyone who owns a cat knows that they have minds of their own. Your kitten will want to do things that you don’t want him or her to do, like take off for the next room. You can lure the kitty back into the “photography studio” by offering a treat.

photos of kittens

Photo captured by Tatiana Garanina (Click Image to See More From Tatiana Garanina)

These are just three simple tips that can get you started on your way to taking better kitten photos. As you work on these techniques, think about other ways you can improve your photography skills. Concentrate on one idea at a time, and sooner than later you will be a better photographer.

About the Author:
Wayne Rasku has been an amateur photographer since 2003. He runs sites related to photography classes in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Canon lens organization site.

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