How to Photograph Swimwear

When shooting at the beach, there are a lot of elements to keep track of. The wind, the water, and the sun can all have huge effects on a swimwear photoshoot. Michael Grecco has created an instructional video to show how he shoots stunning and smoldering swimwear photos while overcoming these obstacles:

Normally, Grecco shoots with a Hasselblad Medium Format Camera; however, he finds that the same effects can be achieved using a DSLR, as well. His camera allows him to sync at a high shutter speed of about 1/800 of a second which allows a darker sky to contrast with the artificial lighting of the model. On a DSLR, he achieves the same by shooting at 1/250 of a second and attaching a neutral density filter as well as a graduated filter over the top to darken the sky.

swimwear photoshoot medium format camera

As for lighting, Grecco uses a Broncolor travel kit and a Chimera small softbox. He prefers the smaller sized softbox, because it allows him to bring the softbox closer to the subject to control dramatic lighting. He points the light a little past the nose in order to create dramatic shadows on one side of the face. If the light is too harsh, he puts a thirty degree grid over the light. He also makes sure the model is facing the wind to keep her hair out of her face.

swimwear model photoshoot lighting

“Every moment for me is about how to make this picture better. If there is a little voice in your head that says it will be fine, trust me, it’s never fine. Never listen to that voice. Right? Because it’s never fine, and it’s much easier to fix now than later.”

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