How to Make a Reverse Globular Lens

That cheap prime lens sitting quietly somewhere on the shelf may just have one more purpose. If you’ve been planning to give it away, wait! Photographer Mathieu Stern has a technique that might give you a reason to hold on to it a bit longer:

Stern transforms a prime lens into a reverse globular lens by taking the front element of the lens out and flipping it inside out.

“Why just focus on the ultra expensive electronic lenses when you can do incredible things with just old glass… The glass is the key to image beauty, not the internal motors.

The tweaked lens does produce some really interesting results:

reverse globular lens

reverse globular effect

tweaked lens for portraitures

DIY portrait lens idea

how to tweak a lens

Looking for a DIY project? This is one brilliant idea you could try out to create some really cool portraits.

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