How Nature Can Surprise Even Veteran Photographers

Many times when we’re shooting out in the field, there are times the conditions don’t feel just right and we end up calling it a day. Sadly, unless the conditions are extremely bad, this decision usually ends up being shortsighted. Nature usually has a habit of surprising us in the most unexpected ways. In today’s video, nature photographer Simon Baxter shares some instances of when he thought his day was over—but right when he was about to call it quits, nature surprised him.

The important thing to understand here is that no matter how much we think we understand nature, there’s still plenty we cannot know or predict.

Take, for instance, when rain is pouring heavily, but suddenly the sun breaks through the clouds. We’re sure you’ve witnessed this many times. Or, just like Baxter shares in the video, a woodland that seems clear from the outside can have fog lingering all over the inside. The lesson here is that we’ve got to be patient with nature and learn not to jump to conclusions.

“Even if the camera never comes out of the bag, there’s an opportunity to learn, and at the very least I can be present and enjoy a walk.”

Even if nature does fail to turn up, there is absolutely no harm in that. It’s not always necessary that you have to take photos. Just enjoy the walk and let all that stress out.

Are there any instances of nature surprising you during your photography trips? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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