Behind the Scenes: How Light Transforms a Moody Portrait Shoot

Think of lighting as more than just a tool to light up your subject. Lighting in photography can also be used as a medium to add or create mood in an otherwise lifeless image. You’d be surprised how the proper use of lights can radically transform the look and feel of an image. In today’s video, we have photographer Sal Cincotta who explains how he transformed a disgusting-looking bus into a fabulous location for a portrait shoot:

Cincotta takes you through some fantastic looking shots and breaks down his process. You’ll see how he entirely changed the atmosphere inside the bus by using a flash with a red gel. Also, note how he adds mood and texture to the environment by spraying some canned air.

Cincotta further elaborates on the need to pay attention to details while photographing images so that he doesn’t end up spending too much time on Photoshop later. This includes paying attention to the surroundings and making sure that nothing unnecessary ends up creeping into the frame. Also, photographers should analyze how their subject’s body interacts with the light, and direct their subject so their body features are perfectly outlined. This is something that you cannot fix in post-processing.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a fabulous shot, this video gives a good idea of the workflow. Follow these concepts and they’ll definitely help you become a better photographer.

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