3 Tips to Find Great Portrait Photography Locations

How do you find the best location to take portraits when all the good spots are overdone? Mango Street created this video to demonstrate various methods for finding portrait locations in the most unlikely of places. You can find great locations just about anywhere, as long as you take these factors into consideration:

1. Consider the color and texture of your backdrop.

How will the color or texture add or take away from your photograph? Neutral colors with green can show nature elements in your image. A textured background can show a gritty appearance depending on the material and visible detail. For their example, the model wears earth tones and is situated next to a rough texture for a more organic aesthetic.

2. Think about how your light interacts with your scene and subject.

Obscure locations such as a parking garage can provide different lighting and textures to draw source material from. Areas with harsh light puts a spotlight on the subject and can cast a feeling or emotion on them. The contrast between light and dark shadows creates interesting looks for portraits, including wedding photography. How does the light affect your subject?

harsh light portrait photography

3. Use a backdrop that your subject can interact with.

Find a backdrop that helps tell a story in your image or photo shoot. Be sure that the backdrop you choose adds interest to every photo instead of detracting from it.

interactive locations props portrait photography

These three things should always be in consideration when you’re location hunting for portrait photography. With them in mind, you should be able to create interesting content from just about anywhere! This will in turn help you become more comfortable in unfamiliar spots and create unique imagery in your work. Now, get out there and start exploring!

“When you’re looking for a backdrop for your portraits, consider color and texture, light and interactivity.”

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