Watch Timelapse Photographers Capture Northern Lights Over Sweden

The northern lights are well known for their beauty and spectacular colors as they light up the night sky. It’s no wonder that they grab the attention of photographers, many of whom travel long distances to witness the natural phenomenon for themselves. This spectacular timelapse shows the northern lights over Sweden as they made their appearance on February 1st:

When the timelapse was made on the night of February 1st, aurora borealis had come out to play over Abisko National Park 29 out of the 32 nights that had passed so far in the year, making 2014 a great year to witness the lights.


The timelapse video was created by taking still photos at timed intervals and compiling them together in post production to create a moving image. It is not uncommon for tens of thousands of photos to be used to make a timelapse video.

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