Woodland Photography: 7 Composition Tips

When it comes to photographing woodlands, things can get pretty chaotic. You are confined to limited space, difficult subjects and many distracting surrounding elements. Tightly packed trees and tricky lighting usually make the work that much more challenging. So to help you out, we have photographer Nigel Danson sharing his process of finding and photographing compositions in woodlands:

The trick in composing better woodland images is to come up with ways you can use the chaos to your advantage. For instance, use trees to create a frame and emphasize certain interesting elements. This will naturally draw viewers’ eyes toward your subject. This technique works best if you have a central character that’s unique and stands out from the rest of the surroundings.

Contrast is another way you can make elements stand out. Contrast can be in terms of color, lighting, texture, patterns, shape or anything else. Pay close attention to how vegetation varies and look for ways you can declutter. Danson also suggests photographers change their perspective. Move around and see how you can create separation. Sometimes, even the slightest movement of the camera can make a huge difference.

Along with his insightful tips on composition, Danson also shares the images that he took using his tips. Make sure that you go through the entire video to see how he does it. You’ll definitely get to learn a lot from his ideas and outcomes.

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