Photography Composition: 12 Tips

No matter what gear or photography technique you use, the thing that people notice the most in your image is composition. And that’s why composition is considered to the backbone of photography. Therefore, if you want to improve yourself as a photographer, pay attention to how you compose your images. Improving your composition will give you a head start in improving your overall photography. Photographer Ben from Bach Photography shares with you 12 tips to help you instantly improve your composition:

Ben talks about some common mistakes that quite a lot of beginner photographers tend to make when starting out. He also shares some tips on how you can avoid them and make your photographs stand out.

There are a lot of simple things that you can keep in mind when taking the photo to make it better. For instance, fill the frame with the subject. Unnecessary dead space takes the importance off of the subject. However, be sure to leave some space around the subject. Otherwise, the image will appear “suffocating”.

Make use of general composition rules like including leading lines, framing the subject with elements, and adding layers to your photographs. Besides drawing the viewers towards the subject, these techniques help in adding depth to the subject.

Besides these tips, Ben talks about many other interesting tips to improve your composition. Be sure to check them out in the video. And if under any circumstances, you’re not sure about what your composition should be, shoot a little wider. You can crop the image later in post and adjust your composition. Since it’s always a good idea to get things right in-camera, use this tip only when absolutely necessary.

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