Top 5 New Features in Adobe Photoshop 2022

Adobe recently released the 2022 version of their most popular software, Photoshop. This new version includes a bunch of new features that will make your life as a photographer or a digital artist much easier. In today’s video, Jesus Ramirez walks you through the five most significant features included in this latest rollout.

One very common task in Photoshop is selecting individual subjects. This allows us to make local adjustments using masks and make them pop. However, it can be a pain sometimes to create individual selections. In the latest iteration, Photoshop 2022, Adobe has made it easier to do this. You can now use the Object Finder, which utilizes Adobe Sensei—Adobe’s artificial intelligence network—to analyze the image and find the main subjects. Adobe has also introduced a slightly advanced form of this feature called Mask All Objects, which creates a layer group and makes a mask out of all the main subjects. With the latter feature, you can easily start working with each layer mask specifically.

If you constantly shoot an object and later change its background, there’s a good news for you too. With the addition of the Harmonization Neural Filter, Photoshop 2022 takes responsibility for matching the tones and colors between the foreground and background. Furthermore, if you’re a landscape shooter, Photoshop 2022 has also added a Landscape Mixer Neural Filter. Feed this filter a sample image and you can easily replicate its look and feel on another image. This takes editing to a whole new level and works like magic.

Besides these useful additions, Photoshop 2022 also feature an in-app collaborative feature. This was previously available only on the Creative Cloud Assets platform. Also, Photoshop 2022 now supports importing assets from Illustrator while maintaining the Illustrator attributes. This addition will surely put a smile on designers’ faces.

To view all of these new additions in action, be sure to watch the video. Ramirez beautifully demonstrates the benefits of these new features step-by-step.

What is your favorite feature in the new Adobe Photoshop 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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2 responses to “Top 5 New Features in Adobe Photoshop 2022”

  1. Ridoy says:

    Colorize is a fantastic helpful program for more than simply colorizing black and white photographs. My profession is that of a product photo editing expert, and it has saved me a great deal of time in color correction.

  2. IOSIF DAVID says:

    with adobe 2022 can create movies and transfer to a memory stick not only on CD ?
    Can you rotate a photo from landscaping to diffrent position?

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