Focus Mask: A Preview of the New Photoshop CC Feature

Adobe is starting to make announcements about new features that are being added to the forthcoming version of Photoshop CC, and there’s one feature that looks especially useful. Watch this short reveal video to learn more about this exciting feature and start dreaming about how much time this will save you now that you won’t have to do this manually:

The newest addition to the photo editing powerhouse is essentially a quick selection tool that lets you select either in-focus pixels or out-of-focus pixels. This is especially useful when creating masks that separate the in-focus subject from the out-of-focus background. (Via PetaPixel.)


The focus mask tool is easily adjustable with a refine edge option.

You can easily add Adjustment Layers to the section to make editing a background (or foreground) a breeze. This tool comes as a welcome new feature to anyone who frequently works with these kinds of images and has similar editing workflows as the example in the video.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new tool?

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