The Process of Publishing a Photo Book as a Photographer

Have you even wanted to publish your own photo book? In this video, photographer Shannon Richardson talks about every aspect of publishing your own photo book, including layout and design, image preparation, working with the printer, and promoting your book:

Here are some things that Richardson suggests to keep in mind:

  • Look through other photography books and take notes on the layout
  • Think about the theme or idea you want to create throughout your book
  • Take time to decide which photos should be printed and which should be cut
  • Choose a compelling cover image for your book to attract an audience
  • Be aware of image conversion processes (like sRGB to CMYK) and file formats (like JPEG)
  • Work closely with your printer to make sure your book comes out exactly the way you want it
  • Create a website to market your book
  • Consider getting an ISBN number for your book to be tracked and cataloged
  • Use social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr to promote your book
photography publishing

Preparing photos to be published in a book

Richardson says that publishing a photo book may not make your a lot of money, but it is a great way to promote yourself and get your work out into the world.

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