Sharp Product Photography with Focus Stacking

Product photography is all about capturing those absolute minute details in the products that you’re working with. Customers won’t be happy looking at images with sections of the product blurred out, will they? This means working with a greater depth of field which might not always be possible with a single image. Focus stacking is a simple solution to this challenge. Team B&H takes you through the process of focus stacking to produce sharp and detailed results:

Focus stacking is a method that you can use to produce images that appear sharp from front to back. Besides product photography, you can also use it in certain genres of photography like macro photography.

“The process of stacking photos involves shooting a series of images across a focal range. So you end up with a series of images with each part of a subject in focus.”

The number of images that you need to take for the stacking process depends on what focal length you’re using, the f-stop, and the way you align the product with respect to the camera’s sensor. Once you’re done taking the images, you can either use Photoshop or a dedicated photo stacking software for the stacking process.

The process of photo stacking is quite simple. You can do it conveniently with just your camera setup, a tripod, and a computer. If you’d been looking for ways to create a rich and detailed image of products, give focus stacking a try. We’re sure you’ll love the results.

For further training: Products in Focus Course

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