Interesting Photo of the Day: Bastille Day at the Eiffel Tower

July 14 is already a pretty big day in France as locals celebrate Bastille Day, or rather la Fête nationale, but 2014 was extra special. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of WWI, the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris came with a brilliant fireworks display. dishesRdone captured the dramatic display that lit up the Eiffel Tower:

eiffel tower fireworks

Bastille Day Fireworks Over Eiffel Tower (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

The 14th of July is the commemoration of the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, and la Fête de la Fédération which took place in 1790. In France, Bastille day is a national holiday paying tribute to the French military.

When the holiday coincided with the 100 year anniversary of the Great War, France invited all nations that helped them in WWI to join in the military parade. That night, there were parties across the country and in Paris the fireworks lit up the sky over the Eiffel Tower.

This photo was taken with a Sony A7 and Zeiss 55mm lens. The settings were ISO 100, f/10, with a 7-second shutter speed.

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