Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Photographers

cyber monday photographyOnline sales for Black Friday topped $1 billion for the first time this year, ahead of Cyber Monday, anticipated to be the biggest online shopping day ever and the deals keep coming.

As the craziness around Cyber Monday only increases every year; retailers, publishers, and service providers are rolling out amazing discounts to try to get your attention.

It’s a great time of the year to find the best deals on products you have been thinking about.

photo ebook

Over 250 pages of insider tips & tutorials on how to take better landscapes, cityscapes, and advanced trick photography such as long exposure light painting. 10 presets included.

Offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing, including new filters powered by artificial intelligence.

iPhone Photo Academy is an in-depth online course that will show you how to take incredible iPhone photos.


Everything you need to create beautiful, clear, and crisp images. Get all 6 Topaz AI products and Topaz Studio 2 for the lowest price of the year.

Training bootcamp for your camera bag. A new selection of 20 printable key photography cheatsheets specifically refined from the full collection.

In-depth guide with easy-to-apply secrets to get sharper, clearer, more vibrant photos with crisp detail each and every time.

Give your photography a huge boost. Go from the essentials to creative shooting with your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

This total editing solution for your landscapes includes 84 presets and 25 brushes to enhance various types of landscapes.

A premium collection of over 100 presets designed and developed specifically for landscape photographers but any photographer can benefit.

dslr crash course

Takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

How to capture the world’s hidden beauty with macro photography using basic gear and at-home setups through in-depth video tutorials.

fundamental photo editing

Digital photography is so intrinsically tied to the editing process that you can’t really consider doing one without doing the other.

How to take magazine-quality pictures of the night sky without being a pro photographer and without fancy equipment.

photographing flowers

An in-depth eBook offering a step-by-step method for shooting delicate, gorgeous, & perfectly lit flower photographs.

This book will show you how to use Lightroom Classic to its full potential through teaching you the basic premises of the software.

Provides numerous tools and countless options to create perfect HDR photos for every taste – from one-click presets to advanced tone-mapping.

By following a proven ‘recipe’ you can quickly improve your photography skills and gain the confidence to capture professional results.

Serge Ramelli is a photography educator with many leading in-depth courses. He is currently discounting them for Thanksgiving.

photo action cards

Printable project sheets that will give you over 200 photography assignments, covering everything you can imagine.

lightroom made easy

Master the Lightroom skills and secret pro tricks that will transform your photos today. By this time tomorrow you could be a Lightroom expert.

contrastly lightroom

The 1,100+ Lightroom presets included in the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle were designed by and for photographers.

You can study them at home or print and slip them into your camera bag (or load them onto your phone or tablet), for a full-sized guide on-the-go.

One of the most important photo editing skills to learn is called “Masking” and a new in-depth guide was just released to help photographers master it.


Fireworks photography is indeed one of the most daunting types of photography. This eBook explains the process from start to finish.


Serving customers for more than 35 years, Adorama has grown from its flagship NYC store to include the leading online destination for photography.

photoshop basics

In this course you get the stuff you absolutely must know, the techniques that you’ll use on every photo, day after day, to turn out beautiful, professional-looking work.

Aims to transform your photography into whimsical, jaw-dropping images that just cannot be created in any other manner.

bh photo video holiday

B&H is world renown as the place to go for all your photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging needs.

event photography

Designed to teach photographers the techniques used by professionals to get great photos – every time – even in the most difficult conditions.


This popular guide is meant to give you an understanding of how light works, and how you can manipulate it. Marked down to just $9, it’s never been priced this low.


Study this eBook, and you’ll become a master of light. It is carefully crafted and designed to give you the ability to recognize, control, and harness LIGHT.


Create truly visually stunning images that tell your story, express your vision, and captivate any audience.


237 pages jam-packed with training, illustrations, and assignments. Get ready to absolutely transform your landscape work…

How to use shutter speed to not merely capture what your eyes see…but create what your mind imagines.


Create gorgeous photographs quickly and easily. The 135 Photoshop actions in this bundle were carefully crafted to make the lives of photographers easier.


In this ebook you will learn not only how to capture a strong photograph, but also how to develop the images to match your unique vision.

Pictures so striking and vibrant that others might accuse you of outsourcing your processing to a professional.

natural light course

You don’t need to spend more money on gear. You don’t need assistants. The most powerful tool is free. That tool is natural light.

What if you could create awe-inspiring time-lapse movies, without having to invest in expensive equipment or software… would that make it more accessible to you?

A premium collection of 50 presets designed and developed specifically for street photographers but any photographer can benefit.

One of the most common misconceptions about creative photography is the need for a bunch of fancy gear.

Do you want a simple way to capture real estate photography that books viewings fast? How to capture photos that rent and sell properties at higher prices.

Organic marketing course for photographers. How to rank your website, outrank your competitors, and get more clients organically.

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