Same Picture, Different Ways: Benjamin Mendy Photo Battle

When two photographers go about shooting the same model, who comes out on top? UK artists Victoria Haydn and Joseph Sinclair aim to find out in the following photo battle. Featuring charismatic model Benjamin Mendy of the Manchester City Football Club, these stylized portraits are being put to the test.

Celebrity/fashion photographer Sinclair has an advantage thanks to his experience with the rich and famous. Given his existing skills and top-notch gear (which includes a Hasselblad H6D-50C), it would be hard for him not to get some great shots.

On the other hand, Haydn is already familiar with her subject as the Man City Senior Club Photographer. Because of that, no time has to be wasted getting to know Mendy. On top of that, the Canon-1DX MKii she uses isn’t too shabby, even when compared to a Hasselblad.

Our conclusion? Both of these photographers nailed the shoot, despite taking entirely different approaches to the challenge.

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One response to “Same Picture, Different Ways: Benjamin Mendy Photo Battle”

  1. Lucy Allen says:

    Fantastic setups definitely have to try some of these in the studio!

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