Top Photographer Competition in New York

Ever wonder how it would feel to be recognized as a master of your craft? In conjunction with Adorama TV and Canon, acclaimed artist Nigel Barker launched a competition with the intention of bringing the country’s best photographers into the spotlight last year. Each week, Barker and a slew of renowned guest judges gauged the technical expertise and artistic eyes of five artists coming from vastly different backgrounds:

In the first episode of Top Photographer, the five contestants were put to the test when they were challenged to capture Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson in action. As the final images illustrate, each individual brought something unique and worked through the assignment in their own way.

Image by Andrew Kearns

Image by Andrew Kearns

Chris Palmero Top Photographer

Image by Chris Palmero

Scott Borrero Top Photographer

Image by Scott Borrero

Roxy Rodriguez Top Photographer

Image by Roxy Rodriguez

Jamiya Wilson Top Photographer

Image by Jamiya Wilson

Ranging from silly to somber, some images were reminiscent of Greco-Roman statues while others were quite dynamic. Judging whether one is better than another was no easy feat, as each artist’s distinct stylistic voice shines through.

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