Photographing Acrobats on Trampolines in the Streets

You don’t often hear about live photography events. There are photography shows where you can view an artist’s work or photography exhibits where you can scope out new equipment, but rarely do you hear of an event where someone is actually taking the photos in front of an audience. Well on May 7th, photographer Jordan Matter stood outside the Grace Building in New York City and photographed the STREB EXTREME ACTION team bouncing on a trampoline while a large crowd stood and watched the action:

This live photo shoot was done to promote the book, Dancers Among Us, which captures dancers all around the world in both ordinary everyday moments and big celebratory moments. The idea is to convey the passion we should seek in everyday life, taking it in and enjoying all it has to offer. And just as the book is about living in the moment, so does Matter’s live photoshoot give passerbys the opportunity to stop and enjoy the acrobats in their moments of flying through the air.

After the photoshoot, a live screening was given of the photos taken during the day, and prints and books were raffled off to the crowd. The show was a success in spreading the love of photography, dance, and life.

trampoline stunt event photography

A member of the STREB team jumps on a trampoline in front of crowd of people for a live photography event

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