Interesting Photo of the Day: Sun & Moon Pagodas at Night

Architecture is very representative of how complex and rich a civilization was during a certain period in history. The Sun and Moon pagodas that stand tall and proud by the side of the Fir Lake in Guilin in China indeed seem to have a lot to show off. Besides being architectural marvels, they also combine art, religion, technology, and natural landscape. Photographer Nathan Ackley took the following image of the Sun pagoda superimposing the Moon pagoda, and the result is truly mesmerizing:

interesting photo of pagodas

“Sun and Moon Pagodas in Guilin at Night” by Nathan Ackley (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

If you visit these pagodas, you’ll realize that there is in fact a good distance between them. However, since Ackley used a 200mm lens to take this image, the compression has made the Moon pagoda appear closer.

What really sets the mood in this image is the timing. Ackley took the image at night when the lights in these pagodas are turned on; an ideal time to truly witness the beauty of these marvels. The bronze used in the Sun pagoda gives it a warm look while the colored glaze in the Moon pagoda gives it a cooler look. Such contrasting tonalities together have given a well balanced feel to this beautiful image.

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