Mountain Bike Photography: Lighting to Freeze Motion

Lighting for a mountain bike photo shoot can be tricky without the right equipment. Luckily, Trevor Sherwin is here to show us what he uses to take his best shots. In the following video, Sherwin shows us how he uses a TritonFlash with an octodome in combination with an additional TritonFlash with a medium light dome, and a Canon 580EX II flash, which he powers off of the Triton power source:

“The idea here is to show how the Tritons will stop motion. A lot of times you see a mountain biking shoot and there a lot of blur pans and things like that. We’re actually going to light this.”

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One response to “Mountain Bike Photography: Lighting to Freeze Motion”

  1. Tiphani Kuechenmeister says:

    This is a very neat picture. I love bike riding. I am a bmx rider.

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